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Toxicology Report: No Additional Factors play cause in death of Gaines Adams


The toxicology report for the tests after Gaines Adams' untimely passing have come in, and the news is, well, as good as it can be given the circumstances.

The Greenville News Online reports:

The State Law Enforcement Division found in toxicology tests that no additional factors contributed to the death of Chicago Bears defensive end Gaines Adams, Greenwood County’s chief deputy coroner told The Greenville News .

Our thoughts continue to go out to the Adams' community as they cope with their loss.

The Colts' Larry Coyer had some kind words about Adams to say recently:

"It's very sad for me to see what people think and what really happens are two different things. This guy was a worker," Coyer said. "He was the victim of being a, 'Top draft choice' and what Gaines Adams needed was just reps and time.

"It's a tragedy. His smile would light up a room. Gaines was an old country southern boy, and that guy was going to be a great player."

It truly is a sad situation, but I'm sure we're all glad to know that no other substances helped contribute to his passing.