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Shane Day at Halas Hall today


As per, Shane Day is at Halas Hall interviewing for the vacant QB coaching position.  He has a history with Mike Martz and newly hired tight ends coach Mike DeBord.  Does that make him a Lovie guy by association?

He's never been a position coach at the NFL level, but has been at Michigan, from his 49ers bio:

With the Wolverines, Day was the assistant quarterbacks and quality control coach in charge of developing the team's young quarterbacks.

And while coaching High School, also from his 49ers bio:

Prior to joining the Michigan staff, Day spent four seasons coaching at Auburn (WA) Riverside High School. He coached the wide receivers (2001) and quarterbacks (2002) during his first two years. Day continued as the quarterbacks mentor in his final two seasons and handled the responsibility of offensive coordinator from 2003-04.

Your thoughts?