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Back to the Bears Future

Was that Hester and Knox?!
Was that Hester and Knox?!

Wcg_thumb_notes_medium"Great scots, Martzy!"

Like the classic 80’s film Back to the Future, the recent hire of Mike Martz as the Chicago Bears offensive coordinator pairs a scientific genius with a brash, young, talent untapped youth.

In the movie; our hero, Marty McFly, is an aspiring musician who has no direction to fulfill his dream of becoming a rock star. He has all the talent to do it, but lacks focus. When auditioning to play the high school prom, he is shot down because he is "just too darn loud". Adding to the naysayers doubts is McFly’s own shook confidence. 

Like his movie counterpart, Bears quarterback Jay Cutler may have also had his confidence shook after a sub-par 2009 season. Leading the league in interceptions can do that to a young man. Even with all the talent in the world, Cutler still needs a strong presence to help control his overconfidence and yet someone to also help heal his bruised ego.

Though it sounds like a contradiction, there is a fine line between overconfidence and no confidence at all. When someone feels they are untouchable and suddenly gets touched, their ego sinks. Everything they have ever thought of themself may be questioned.

So what better way to help boost a young man’s ego than a mad scientist?

Marty had help from Dr. Emmett Brown or ‘Doc’. Though a little off the wall, Doc was a genius. His crazy inventions made every day life a little more interesting. His ultimate invention, a time machine, helped McFly realize his full potential, stand up to his bully Biff, and save his family.

Good thing Cutler now has a mad scientist of his own. Known as an offensive genius, Mike Martz should bring to the Bears what they have been missing for years: a productive offense. Martz’s resume speaks for itself, from the development of Kurt Warner, to the Super Bowl appearances, to the overachieving of both the Detroit Lions and San Francisco 49ers offenses; Martz can call an offensive football game.

Yet through it all, Martz has never had a quarterback with the talents of Jay Cutler. The mad scientist finally has his perfect protégé.

At the conclusion of the movie, Marty’s parents rekindle the love that has made their marriage work for years - Lovie & Angelo; Marty beats up his nemesis that stands in front of victory - Packers/Vikings; and the mad scientist finally gets his due for bringing it all together - Martz. Along the way, McFly’s - Cutler - confidence is boosted and he has never been more focused on his goals.

Sound familiar?

If nothing else, the Bears 2010 season should produce many exciting moments and breathtaking action scenes.

If it all comes to together, like it should, our mad scientist and young protégé will take us back, back in time. Back to when the movie first premiered, 1985.