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Chicago Bears Coaching Staff: Are We There Yet? (Day 31 Open Thread)

There are two days until the Super Bowl, the day that Lovie Smith said he'd like to have his coaching staff complete.  Monday saw Shane Day in Chicago interviewing for the QBs coach position, but nothing has come about since then.

The other open position, Defensive Coordinator, has been quietly unmentioned since Perry Fewell headed to New York to take the Giants DC position.  Well, except for Rod Marinelli saying he'd step up and take the position if no one else could be found.

At first, I figured this was the PR Machine simply foreshadowing the fact that it would ultimately fall to Marinelli, but considering there has been nothing since then, I do wonder if there is someone else that Lovie is talking to that we don't know about.

However it goes down, stay tuned to WCG for all the latest updates and rumors... if Lovie Smith has his way, we'll be hearing of two new hires to our coaching staff in the next 48 hours.