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Coaching Staff Overflow Thread-Super Weekend Edition

Normally, you try to make announcements you think might be unpopular on Friday afternoon. The general thinking is that it will just sort of escape past people as they get into the weekend.

Didn't work with you guys and gals, though. 

You've been discussing up a storm, and here's the place to keep on doing just that. Some reactions from around the Chicago sports scene below.

David Haugh is not impressed by this decision:

As inspired of a choice as Mike Martz was to run the offense, the selection of Marinelli falls flat; this might even be a bigger risk than Martz will be.

Kevin Seifert of ESPN feels the same:

I don't mind telling you that I see no upside in promoting Rod Marinelli to defensive coordinator.

I dug up this little guy from Dan Pompei about Mikal Smith (Since, much like most of you, I have no concept of who he is or what he does):

Mikal is serving as an assistant to the head coach and he’s also helping his father with the nickel defense.

Smith had been a defensive backs coach and special teams coordinator at Trinity International in Deerfield.

I'll be honest...I thought the day would never come when I'd have more confidence in the offensive coaching than the defensive, This is going to take some time to sink in.