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Are the Bears going backwards?

I know, I know, who is this guy posting?  Feel free to drop all the "did we get another new writer?" ribbings that  you like.  I was poking around the internet today and came across some quotes by new Bears OC Mike Martz.

Concerning Greg Olsen:

All tight ends, their first responsibility, they have to put their hand down on the line of scrimmage and be a successful blocker, and then they move to receiving," Martz said. "To just skip by that and say, 'He's a terrific receiver,' well, then you might as well just put another wide receiver in there.

 Has Martz been out of the league so long that he hasn't realized what a weapon he has in Greg Olsen?  We are going to take one of the best tight ends in the leauge and make him a block first player?

On Devin Hester:

Devin Hester in that role could just be stupid good, if that makes sense to you," Martz said. "It would be very difficult for him to play every snap on offense and still play effectively on special teams."

I can't even begin to wrap my head around this one.  This is the same Devin Hester who everybody here or anywhere else on the internet said was best suited for the slot, but the Bears insisted he is their #1. Now that he finally took some steps in the right direction toward being that #1, he is going to pull back?  Did Hester say he wanted to do more returning before or after he was told he is going to the slot?  Does he want to move back to returns because he is realizing that he isn't a #1 or because the other Devin looks to be the Bears #1?  Do we now get to take back some of that money since he may now be a returner and #3 receiver?  Is Lovie Smith so desperate to keep this gig going that he is letting Martz completely run the show?


For what it is worth, I think Mike Martz will be on his best behavior this season.  If the ship goes sideways or worse, sinks, but the offense plays well, Martz might think he has a leg up for the coaching job.  He doesn't want to come in and butt head's with the Bears golden boy.  That won't get him anywhere.

In other going backwards news, the Bears did just bring in Hot Rod to fix the Bears defensive line, so now we are promoting him, so somebody else will primarily be working with the line?  Does that mean if Martz flops, Mike Tice is our next head coach?  Do the Bears have any promising coaching prospects on the roster, because everybody else seems to.