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Chicago Bears Tradition; Catch It!


"It’s one thing to play football in this league and make a living. But it’s a totally different thing to come to a place with a great tradition and rich football culture like the Bears."

Quote by new Chicago Bears defensive end Julius Peppers, when asked what helped him decide to come and play in Chicago.

Chicago Bears tradition; the gift that keeps on giving.

Being one of the first franchises to start playing professional football, the Bears have a deep history rooted by their founder George S. Halas. Not only did Halas establish the Bears way back in 1920, originally named the Staleys, he also helped establish the original American Professional Football Association, which would later become the National Football League.

Along the way, the Bears have sent an NFL record 26 players to the Hall of Fame. Players such as Red Grange, George Blanda, Gayle Sayers and Mike Singletary have all walked through the halls of Halas. Names synonymous with football. 

We may not be "America’s Team", but we are "Football’s Team". When you think of the sport of football, the image of a gritty Dick Butkus with bloody knuckles comes to mind. The pure joy, coupled with toughness that Sweetness brought to the game is what football is all about.

Winning seven NFL Championships and a Super Bowl is only part of the Bears story. From the days of Sid Luckman and the Monsters of the Midway to ‘The Refrigerator’ and the Super Bowl Shuffle, the Bears will forever be known for their larger than life characters and memorable teams.

The orange ‘C’ on the sides of the navy helmets represents more than just the great city of Chicago; Classy, Classic, Champion, Character, Consummate, Cool, Cream of the Crop! OK, I’ll stop.

Being a player for the Bears, means giving the sport of football the respect it deserves.

So here we are, some 90 years after Papa Bear started our beloved franchise and today’s players are still speaking on the tradition that we in Chicago know oh so well.

So let’s thank the Bears players of yore. Thank you for respecting the sport of football and the city of Chicago. Thank you for leaving behind the legacy that you do.

And, in a way, thanks for bringing us Julius Peppers.

Welcome to Chicago, Mr. Peppers. Nice to have you as a part of our great tradition.