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The Bears Den: 3/15/10


...bright-eyed and bushy-tailed for the new week ahead of us!

Brad Biggs reminds us that Julius Peppers could be a weapon in more places than just defense. 

From NC to Chicago... big leap won't change Peppers' inner circle.

Could two of the brightest young Bears attract interest elsewhere in the league?

As pointed out by SackMan in the FanPosts, Quinn is headed to Denver.

As pointed out by JerBear50, LT chose NY over Minny.

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Anthony Adams blogs about his trip to the beach; talks about his wife parasailing.

Hunter Hillenmeyer is involved in the labor talks with the NFL, and offers his insights in this article.

A good basic viewpoint of what exactly is going on with the labor dispute.

Urlacher: "If you listen to coach Marinelli talk, you want to run through a frickin' wall for him''

For those who missed it: Taylor to wear Peterson's old number; end in sight for Peterson.

Dan Pompei answers some questions about Greg Olsen, Pisa Tinoisamoa, O.J. Otogwe, and more.