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Bears' Madness Bracket

Bears' Madness Bracket
Bears' Madness Bracket

Bears Madness Bracket pdf to download.

Thanks to everyone for voting.  Thanks to everyone for their passionate pleas to vote for their choices.

Vote early, vote often...that's the Chicago way.

Thanks to Smudgers for the bracket!

Links to active polls below:

Bears' Madness: South (6) Stan Jones vs. (11) Brian Piccolo

Bears' Madness East: (7) Johnny Morris vs. (10) Tommie Harris

Bears' Madness: Midwest 1 Halas vs. 16 McCaskey

Bears' Madness: Midwest 8 Gault vs. 9 Lovie

Bears' Madness West 3 Wilber vs. 14 Mannelly

Bears' Madness: West 6 Atkins vs. 11 Butler


Previous winners are:

East Region:

1-Payton over 16-Grossman

9-Cutler over 8-Hilgenberg

2-Urlacher over 15-Ogunleye


South Region:

4-Jimbo Covert over 13-Anthony Thomas

5-Red Grange over 12-Marcus Robinson

3-Fencik over 14-Dez Clark


Midwest Region:

5-Nagurski over 12-Fridge

4-McMahon over 13-Bortz


West Region:

2-Dent over 15-Maynard

7-Mike Brown over 10-Peanut Tillman