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Bears' Madness Update

Bears' Madness 3-17 Updated
Bears' Madness 3-17 Updated

Bears Madness Updated 3-17 pdf link

New Polls:

Bears' Madness: West (1) Mike Ditka vs (16) Tom Waddle

Bears' Madness: West (8) James Williams vs (9) Rick Casares

Bears' Madness: Midwest (2) Sayers vs (15) Rivera

Bears' Madness: Midwest (3) Luckman vs (14) Zorich

Voting still open on this one from the morning:

South: 7-Keith Van Horne vs 10-Rosie Taylor LINK

Still open & the voting is close:

Bears' Madness: South (6) Stan Jones vs. (11) Brian Piccolo

Bears' Madness East: (7) Johnny Morris vs. (10) Tommie Harris

Bears' Madness: West 6 Atkins vs. 11 Butler

Previous winners are:

East Region:

1-Payton over 16-Grossman

9-Cutler over 8-Hilgenberg

2-Urlacher over 15-Ogunleye

4-Briggs over 13-Harlon Hill

5-Bill George over 12-Leslie Frazier

South Region:

4-Jimbo Covert over 13-Anthony Thomas

5-Red Grange over 12-Marcus Robinson

3-Fencik over 14-Dez Clark

2-Butkus over 15-Gould

Midwest Region:

5-Nagurski over 12-Fridge

4-McMahon over 13-Bortz

1-Halas over 16-McCaskey

8-Gault over 9-Lovie

West Region:

2-Dent over 15-Maynard

7-Mike Brown over 10-Peanut Tillman

3-Wilber Marshall over 14-Mannelly