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2009: A look back at the year in Windy City Gridiron

Though the Bears year may have started off with the bang of the dual acquiring of Jay Cutler and Orlando Pace, only to fizzle later, here at Windy City Gridiron it was anything but slow. We started the year crossing the 1,000,000 visitors threshold and we ended by crossing the 2,000,000 mark.

So thanks to all writers, editors, readers, posters, contributors, distant relatives, pets, players no longer on the team, and all of the 28 or so QBs before Jay Sizzle for making this a great year. 

A special thanks to Dane, who stepped in to help me reign in all the loose ends and get this site going in a new direction.

I thought it would be fitting to let you in on some of the numbers.  I am including last year's figures as a comparision, so head below the jump to see if you made any lists.

I am purposely removing the names of any writers from these lists, so some non-WCG employed people can hold the number #1 spots.

New Members
2009 2008
2158 659


Total Comments
2009 2008
106,339 26,524


Total Stories
2009 2008
1033 652


Total FanPosts
2009 2008
1122 446


Total FanShots
2009 2008
204 66


Most Active Commenters
2008 2009
halfblindcubbiegirl 1339 propheteer 3208
mike b 1308 Ditkavsworld 3170
#23 1041 ifuwannacrownem 3011
tfrabotta 892 Allie 2171
tempchad 892 rdent4hof 1946
bs.uf15bosox9bears23 841 BearNecessities 1889


Most FanPosts
2008 2009
thecubreporter 35 Chase17 30
#23 33 ifuwannacrownem 27
thecoolest 12 NiqueBears 26
GallopingGhost 11 Ditkavsworld 23
Bear_Down 10 Allie 17
whitebearsox23 9 Gesiakob 17