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The Bears Den: March 29, 2010

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...where we wonder who will show up for Day 1 of offseason workouts.

Multiple teams may have interest in veteran Alex Brown, per Pompei.

Might we end up giving up a draft pick to Seattle?

Vasher likely headed to San Diego to try and compete for a starting job there.

Lance Louis pleads guilty, gets community service.  Kreutz LOL's.

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Lovie Smith sings praises of OL, especially Chris Williams.  How confident are you?

Lovie also lauds Jay Cutler's toughness; with pic of what toughness may look like.

John Madden staying busy despite being "retired"; who would you like to see on a Madden cover?

In a story from last week, Mike Tice worked out a very tall offensive lineman.

In what is always a great read, USA Today releases their latest Team Report.

Cubbie baseball just got a bit duller, if you believe him.