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McCaskeys ok $25 mil in upfront cash, Bears looking at Marshall and Taylor?

Neil Hayes has an interesting column in the Sun-Times today mentioning all sorts of Bears offensive type needs, with some great points of discussion. 

The big one, obviously, is that the McCaskey family approved some cash to lure some Free Agents. 

According to a league source, the McCaskey family has given Angelo the OK to spend $25 million in up-front money to make additions to a team that finished 7-9 last season.

But there are some other little nuggets in there, regarding various offensive moves and potential moves.

Of course, the one we all asked for:

One NFC scout said the Bears releasing Orlando Pace on Monday solved the biggest problem.

''They counted on Pace,'' he said. ''They thought there was a tune or two left in an old piano, and there wasn't. He, in my opinion, was a weak link for them, even though at one point he was a great player

The one that we all debated last summer:

Rumors persist that Angelo's comments about wide receiver not being a ''need'' position are a smoke screen. It's all about giving quarterback Jay Cutler what he needs to thrive, which is why one NFL source wagered a steak dinner on Marshall being in a Bears uniform when camp opens.

A veteran running back from a hated rival:

The Bears are interested in Taylor, who has the pass-catching and blocking skills necessary to excel under Martz and played a similar role alongside Adrian Peterson with the Minnesota Vikings.


Now, interest and intent to act are obviously two different things, but it's good to see that the organization is not necessarily as content with the status quo as they said they were. 

The up-front cash is key, because that could be the difference in some of the deals for your big names, your Peppers, Kampmans, Rolles, et cetera.

Plus it's nice to have some fresher meat to discuss. So let's have at it on this glorious Wednesday...two days til Free's so exciting!