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The Bears Den: March 30, 2010


...could McNabb have ended up here if The Trade had not occurred?

Some quotes from players after the first day of off-season workouts. 

The team's official site talks about Shaw, Bell, and Toeaina.

After returning to the States from Nigeria at 10am, Idonije was in the weight room by 1pm.

Dan Pompei answers questions from readers last week.

Get Twitterized, WCG-style!

Greg Olsen showed up for Day 1 of workouts... a good sign he's feeling more comfortable.

McNabb likely to land in Oakland?  Would Chicago have been in the mix had The Trade not happened?

Scouts, Inc: Peppers vs. NFC North

Mike Imrem talks about Alex Brown and says "Duh."

Mike Shanahan talks about Cutler in Chicago.