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The Bears Den: March 31st, 2010


When I played Pro Football, I never set out to hurt anybody deliberately--unless it was, you know, important, like a league game or something. - Dick Butkus



Peppers sees Bears defense rebounding - Well I would certainly hope so. I mean, no player would go somewhere just because of the money, right?

New Mexico center Cook on Bears' radar - Bears Blog - ESPN Chicago - Does this mean that the Bears are less high on the Beekman replacement plan than they used to be? What do you think of this young bloke?

Bears to visit Browns in 2010 preseason finale - Chicago Breaking Sports - The Bears shall once again play their third string against the Browns third string at the end of August. The rest of the preseason schedule comes out today.

So here's the math. You + Following WCG on Twitter = Nothing but timely awesomeness for you. Make it happen.


The Big Question: Bears DL movement - NFC North Blog - ESPN - Kevin Seifert has an idea why Brown is leaving.

RosenBlog: Bears go with the bad and hurt on the defensive line - There's a lot of money in the defensive line. And there probably should be. Rosenbloom will tell you about it.

Mile High salute: Kicker Elam to retire Wednesday as a Bronco - I like this kind of thing - Your solid players should retire with you. End of story.

Pittsburgh Panthers coach Dave Wannstedt has contract extended - ESPN - Just keep him out of the NFL, Pitt. Just keep him out of the NFL.

Kelis has a new man? - I guess her milkshake brought all the 'Wale to the yard, eh? (Leave me a lone, it's a slower news day.)

Note to, uh, whoever: Little kids should not be performing a Scarface play.