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The Bears Den: 3/04/10- Approaching Free Agency Liftoff

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...T-minus 16 hours and counting.

SB*Nation writes up an article about Olsen seeking a trade.

But Pompei says that would be a big mistake on the Bears part.

And this report says the Bears aren't trying to deal Olsen anyhow.

The team's official site gives the lowdown on the tendering situation.

WCG's Twitter page is picking up some major steam.  Get on board!

Don't forget: WCG will be hosting a Free-for-all Free Agency Open Thread tonight, with live updates of all the movers and shakers, and instant analysis.  It is guranteed to be one of the biggest nights of the offseason, so make sure you don't miss a thing.  We'll get started sometime late this afternoon, and FA will officially start at 11pm CT.  We may even have a special guest show up... so make sure you are here early!  (Bring your own popcorn.)

Marshall and Orton both get 1st round tenders from Denver.

Rolle is looking to get paid.  Mad money, yo.

One of my favorite team reports... USA Today is always thorough.

Neil Hayes: Bears are desperate. 

Nice article about a class some NFL players took.