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2010 Free Agency Free-for-all Open Thread


We know who've been given tenders, we know the weak spots in the Bears roster, and we have heard the swirling rumors of potential targets.  Now, enough with the talk... let's get down to business.

The McCaskey family is supposedly allowing GM Jerry Angelo to open the checkbook, and the general consensus is that Angelo and Lovie Smith have been given one final chance to right the ship that so drastically strayed off course after the 2006 season.  With no early draft picks this year, Free Agency will have to suffice.

Live updates after the jump...

Over the course of this evening and tonight, WCG will be providing live updates for all the movers and shakers, and we want all of our loyal members to be involved as well.  Make sure you are keeping an eye out, and drop into the comments section anything that is noteworthy, and we'll link it up to the main article.

This is the Windy City Gridiron 2010 Free Agency Open Thread... buckle up, and hang on tight.  It's gonna be a wild ride!

--Bears are in negotiation for Antrel Rolle, per this article.

--Jets trade 2011 third round pick to Chargers for Antonio Cromartie, per Adam Schefter (twitter).

--Browns trade Corey Williams to Lions, per this article.

-- Biggs' Twitter:


Hmm ... RT@ddockett Just talked 2 Antrel Rolle! I already know what's about 2 happen, man I'm speechless I'm going to Bed.


--Rolle visiting Giants on Friday (Miami also pursuing), per this article.

--Manumaleuna + the Ravens?

--Dolphins offer deal to Antrel Rolle.