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It's Go Time: Official WCG Free Agency Open Thread (Part Deux)


Midnight (ET) is upon us, so let the fireworks begin!  Who will make the loudest noise?  Who will sound their horn first?

We've brought all of the link updates over from the previous thread, and will be linking up new stories as they break.  We will be relying on our members to keep us informed in the comments section!


--Bears are in negotiation for Antrel Rolleper this article.

--Jets trade 2011 third round pick to Chargers for Antonio Cromartieper Adam Schefter (twitter).

--Browns trade Corey Williams to Lionsper this article.

--Biggs' Twitter:

Hmm ... RT@ddockett Just talked 2 Antrel Rolle! I already know what's about 2 happen, man I'm speechless I'm going to Bed.

--Rolle visiting Giants on Friday (Miami also pursuing), per this article.

--Manumaleuna + the Ravens?

--Dolphins offer deal to Antrel Rolle.

--Biggs' Retweet:

Holy crap! Source close to bears says peppers isn't going to get away fom them. This feels like a gunfight

--Peppers headed to Chicago for meeting on Friday!

--Chester Taylor to visit Bears on FRIDAY as well!

--Schefter Twitter:

Well, that didn't take long. LB Karlos Dansby will be visiting the Miami Dolphins on Friday.

--McClure Twitter:

Lovie Smith just touched down in Charlotte to meet with Julius Peppers and his agent, Carl Carey. Smith will fly back to Chicago with them.

--LaConfora Twitter:

Lions coach Jim Schwartz is meeting with free agent DE Kyle Vanden Bosch tonight. Coached him with the Titans. Detoit making strong push.

--Brandon Manumaleuna will visit Bears on Friday as well, per this article.

--Jenson Twitter:

I've got a deadline coming up. But I'm hearing Aaron Kampman may be working on a deal with the Seattle Seahawks.