Showin' Some Love for Rod Marinelli, the Bears' D-Coordinator - @Kevin_Payne


Hey, y'all. It's me, again -- coming 'atcha with another answer to another question.

 "BearsDfense" wants to know...

"Hey Kevin... What do you think about coach Marinelli taking over the D?"

Man, I think it's a real good move. Coach Marinelli has had a great career. He's done amazing things with every team he's been a part of (Tampa Bay, Detroit, and, now, Chicago), and he's also worked with a lot of players who have turned out to be Pro Bowlers, Hall of Famers, etc. ...You can't argue with a fact like that.

I haven't been in meetings with Coach Marinelli, but, every time I'm in his presence, there's this energy about him that just makes you feel like you're becoming a better player. Oftentimes, he'll stop you in the hall and throw some wisdom your way about how to improve your game, and I really appreciate him reaching out like that. Quite simply, he's one of the best coaches I've ever been around, and it's because he's such a great motivator.

With all the respect the man gets from myself and my teammates, I think his involvement with the Bears will naturally inspire everyone to become stronger players. When Coach Marinelli speaks, people listen. And that's a reaction not everyone is able to command. The guys on the team know that everything he says needs to be listened to and absorbed, because his advice is always a huge help in evolving into a player who is both physically and mentally sharper than you previously were.

I mean -- what else is there to say about the guy? He helps you take your game to a higher level. And what NFL player doesn't want that to happen to them?


Oh, and by the way... Don't be thinking that I'm laying this thick praise on him just because he's my coach -- I'm really meanin' what I'm sayin'! ...Just gotta make that clear. LOL!


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