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Chicago Bears Free Agency Bonanza: Press Conference/ Overflow Thread

Winter sets in, snow and rain commence, and people start getting restless.  Add to that a disappointing 2009 season fresh in our minds, and the knowledge that the Bears are typically quite silent during Free Agency, and things were getting downright ugly for fans of this team.  Then, movement happens.

First, we sign Brandon Manumaleuna, a solid blocking TE who will provide an instant upgrade to our offensive line.

Next up, Chester Taylor is inked.  Quite probably the best back-up RB in the NFL, and a player who would be many teams' #1 guy, we have no solidified our running game, and added another weapon for Mike Martz's offense.

And in what will probably be the biggest FA signing of any team this year, we add Julius Peppers, one of the most feared pass rushers in the NFL.

Will there be more?  Why not... with limited draft options, and plenty of money to spend, who is to say Jerry Angelo is finished?

There will be a press conference at 5pm CT, and you can stream it live from the team's official website. 

Until then, stock up on your food and beverages, strap in tight, and keep your eyes and ears open.  This ride ain't over yet!