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Monday Night Musings: Are the Bears still 3rd best?

Hey all--I think I'm currently dying of the flu, but I wanted to tell you/ask you guys about an article I read earlier today.

It's no secret at this point that the Bears did what no one expected, nailing their free agent signings in rapid succession on Friday.

But after all that, are they still only 3rd best in the division? Gene Wojciechowski from seems to thinks so(warning--there's a giant auto-play video):

OK, so they're better, but are they the best in their own division? And the answer to that question wasn't buying pricey champagne Saturday night in Chicago. Instead, the answer was happily doing nothing in Hattiesburg, Miss.

OH MY! They tied it all to Favre! So weird of ESPN to do that...

That said, he make a legitimate point. The Vikings tend to have youth and skill at many of the positions that the Bears do, but it all seems to be better developed.

So are the Bears still not better than their two biggest rivals (Sorry, Lions!) Can you even tell it this early? No, you really can't, but let's talk about it anyways.

Stack up our guys against the other teams, and we'll make cases for everyone (yes, some of will have to defend Jared Allen. *shudder*) Either way, let's keep it a civil, fun, and engaging system where we step back from the euphoria of Fantastic Friday and begin to be the best analysis fan base in the game.