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The Bears Den: 3/09/10

...where we are wondering who the starters on our OL will be.

Early winners and losers of Free Agency.  Which side did the Bears fall on? 

How Peppers' contract breaks down year by year.

Very good interview with the NFLPA and Matt Forte.

Bears are looking closely at Safety from Utah.

Video: Chester Taylor can be an every down back.

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Nice article by Brad Biggs on how the Bears were able to land three deals in one day.

First round draft projection... think it's close?

Tommie Harris: You can't double-team everyone.  So pick your poison.

John Fox talks about the type of player Julius Peppers is.

Not only have the UCONN women won 71 straight games, they've won them all by double-digits.

"In the twilight of my life, do I want to be running around in my underwear trying to injure people? Absolutely not"