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The Bears Den: April Fools Edition (Or is it?)

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...where Bears Madness is hitting its boiling point!

Preseason opponents announced; dates to be released soon.

Peppers thinks Bears defense can return to form from 2005-06.

Certainly, everyone is excited to have Urlacher back.  Can he regain his form of old?

USA Today's latest edition of their team report. 

Would Jerry Angelo really move up in the draft to grab a starting safety?

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Can Hester really be an impact player in 2010?

A. Brown says goodbye.  Brad Biggs says it was either Tommie or Alex that had to go.  (2 links)

The Moustached One gets extended at Pitt.  twss

10 reasons why we shouldn't hate Duke?  No, Duke still sucks.

What's the best April Fools joke you've ever seen?