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The Bears Den: April 12, 2010


...where no imposter sites could play 72 rounds with WCG.

Outstanding article from the team's official page about Walter Payton and the 1975 Draft. 

Some lesser known, if known at all, draft picks Chicago has made through the years.

Think Peppers will cause a wave of success this season?  Dan Pompei says to think again.

And while he's at it, Pompei takes time to answer question from his mailbag.

Brad Biggs says that four TEs is too many... who has to go?

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Chicago won Friday night with a late FG from Gould.

Seems team officials are still looking around at different WRs to work out.

Minny gets hammered in this opinion piece regarding their stadium situation.

The most bad*ss (and possibly insane) athletes of all time. (Adult language)

R.I.P. Texas Stadium.

Only 5 games into the season, Milton Bradley is being Milton Bradley.