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Most Likely To Succeed: Vick or Grossman?


This should get some juices flowing, but we wanted to get some feedback about who everyone thinks is more likely to get their career back on track. Michael Vick (always a popular topic here on WCG) is slated to be the #2 QB in Philadelphia, but with Kevin Kolb not really established who knows what the future holds.

Then, over in Washington, newly acquired QB Donovan McNabb is their clear cut #1 and with Jason Campbell on his way out of town, Rex Grossman will be the Redskin backup.

Vick has had the more noteworthy career thus far with 3 Pro Bowls on his resume, but those were more for his legs than his arm. Even though in his career he has thrown 72 TD passes to 52 Ints. His 75.9 rating is average at best, but he is the type of exciting play-maker that's in demand by many fans. If Kolb falters I wonder how quickly the Eagle faithful will turn on him and call for Vick?

Grossman was signed by the Redskins after playing in Houston with offensive play caller Kyle Shanahan, who now will be calling plays for his dad Mike in Washington. The talent is there, as evidenced by his great run to start the 2006 season which had his name in the early MVP discussions. His career rating of 69.5 is hurt by his frequent interceptions, 36 to 33 career TD's. I find it interesting that an offensive genius like Mike Shanahan would want someone most Bears fans perceive as damaged goods.

Even though McNabb has been fairly durable he is going to turn 34 in November, and he's only played in all 16 games once since 2003. Maybe Grossman gets a chance this year.