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The Bears Den: April 13th, 2010 Edition

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Well, on uh, Fake Draw Screen Right I uh, pick up the linebacker if he's comin, 'less of course it's Butkus, then I simply notify the quarterback to send for a preacher. 


Bears aren't altering preparation for draft - Phew. Close one. I thought maybe they'd consider the lack of the first two rounds, and come up with a strategy that maximizes the effectiveness of their later round picks.

Bears' 2010 schedule could come later this week - We need it. I need it. I want to know if they can catch some breaks, name, the lack of some Williamses in Minnesota, and Holmes in New York. Also, I'd really prefer to see them play the Redskins early on, before McNabb can settle into a groove there.

Big NFL free agent prizes don’t usually bring big trophies - A look at some of the big splash deals who went horribly wrong. Some sobering reminders as we get psyched to watch Julius Peppers (hopefully) start crushing people.

Bears rank 25th in pass protection - Sean Jensen tells you about this article. Basically, the Bears aren't very good at protecting Jay Cutler. If you had not previously noticed this, raise your hand to about the level of your face and slap yourself for not paying attention.

Ladies and gentlemen, and all of the people in our community (ladies & gentlemen doesn't cover many of you), we're tweeting over here. You should follow us as we lead you towards the 2010 season.

 Bears hope Forte-Taylor combination packs punch - I don't really care who they punch, I just want them to average more than four yards per carry.

NFL's middle class feels salary pinch - - Some of the unnoticed side effects of the lack of salary cap.

Grossman moves out, taking loss on town home - Why did Grossman own so many places here? 

He'll eat your face: