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The Bears Den: April 16th, 2010 Edition

A lot of fans were drawn to me because they knew that whatever the score was, I was going to run as hard as I could on every play. You don't have that now, you have guys waiting for next week or even next year.--Walter Payton

Harris thinks Idonije is sharp and versatile - So do I. I'm glad Tommie and I agree.

Bears had Virginia tackle in for visit - I think the most surprising thing is that she still tackles strong for her age.

Olsen, Smith see big role ahead in Martz's offense - The more I see all these stories about how how excited everyone is to utilize Olsen, and how big a threat they think he's going to be, the more I can see a draft day trade to get a 2nd round pick...
It's no time for Bears to be rash - ...but there's no need, necessarily, according to Sean. We can draft well later. Except for if we want to move up, then trade Olsen.

Steelers have internally discussed trading Roethlisberger - Well that'd be interesting. What do you think, should the Bears bring him in as a Veteran backup? (I really hope you understand I'm kidding.)

WNDU anchor arrested in domestic dispute - Because she was apparently intoxicated and in an argument with...Chris Zorich? Wait what?

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Your Friday Funday Video is here!
The Fog Bowl is oneof the greatest freak football weather occurences of all time. And I love the cocky way Ditka says "They should've learned to score while the sun was shining like we did."