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The Bears Den: April 19, 2010


...where we are gearing up for a wild week of WCG-awsomeness!

A look at a huge offensive lineman we may be taking a serious look at. 

Garrett Wolfe to have his number retired.

Don't miss an opportunity to meet some former Bears superstars.

In an ongoing series, Dan Pompei ranks the top LBs in the country.

Next, Pompei answers readers' questions from his mailbag.

Linemen likely to dominate first round of draft.

Don't miss WCG on Twitter!

And this week will possibly be the biggest of the entire offseason for WCG.  Tomorrow evening, we'll have a Schedule Release Party, with commentary and analysis of the upcoming 2010 season, and beginning Thursday, we'll be hosting a NFL Draft Open Thread.  Make sure you get all of your chores done early, because it's gonna be a wild week at Windy City Gridiron!