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2010 Chicago Bears Schedule Release Pre-Party

We know that 7:00pm ET will be the official announcement of exact dates and times, but luckily, we also already know who the opponents will be:

Home: Detroit Lions, Green Bay Packers, Minnesota Vikings, Philadelphia Eagles, Washington Redskins, Seattle Seahawks, New England Patriots, New York Jets
Away: Detroit Lions, Green Bay Packers, Minnesota Vikings, Dallas Cowboys, New York Giants, Carolina Panthers, Buffalo Bills, Miami Dolphins

Also, this afternoon Kevin Seifert is doing some stellar investigative work, letting us know that Chicago appears to be headed to Toronto to play the Bills on November 7th.  He's also got some tidbits on other NFCN games on the docket.

Update(5pm ET): Detroit News reports full Lions schedule: Lions at Bears in Week 1. Full Lions schedule at the link. If this schedule is true, that means Bears have Packers Week 17, as the Lions play the Vikings. 

So, while we wait for the official announcement, let us know what you think.  By playing the East teams this year, does this give you an opportunity to attend a Bears game?  Will you be like me and wear a Julius Peppers jersey to the Carolina game in Charlotte?  Do you see the Bears pulling off some upset victories?

Make sure you stick around... the corks will pop at 7pm ET!