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NFL Draft 2010-Round 1 Recap

Nfl_medium Well that was interesting.

The first round of primetime NFL draft ran through, and a lot of teams made a lot of moves to get better.  Some quick highlights:


  • The Lions made an upgrade at DT with Ndamukong Suh at the second pick, and got themselves a new running back with the 30th, Jahvid Best.
  • The Packers upgraded the Offensive Line with Brian Bulaga from Iowa. Mr. Bulaga, enjoy the special time you'll spend with Julius Peppers.
  • The Vikings traded themselves out of the first round. They're trying to make some solid upgrades, and compete now if Mr. Favre comes back.
  • Only two safeties were taken in the first round. The Bears may not need to trade down to get a good one.


  • The Broncos used the pick they got for Cutler to trade down, acquire a lot of picks, and then roll those picks back up into a first round pick to take Tim Tebow. (They also got Demayrius Thomas)
  • Tebow is the only one of the holy triumvirate (Tebow, Clausen, McCoy) who was drafted round 1.


There was some more, and go check here to see the round 1 recap.

See you tomorrow, you crazy kids.