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The Bears Den-2010 Draft Day 2 Edition


where the Bears actually get a pick today. Perhaps someone who can do a Standing Long Jump over a car, or possibly freebase a ham.


Bears may have to look beyond safety in NFL draft - Because they need to fix other stuff too. Weird how the draft works.

Michael Wright and Jeff Dickerson provide 10 things for Chicago Bears fans to watch in the draft - A list of the general touchstones the Bears need to get to over the next two days.

 Pickin', not grinnin' - Mr. Mike Mulligan talks about how history is against the Bears with regards to their draft choices. He also says that if Major Wright is there, that's the pick. Otherwise, they like Darrell Stuckey or Kam Chancellor. Y'know, that guy who seems to be pretty polarizing at this site.

As Bill Cosby would say...Follow the WCG on the Twitter and eat your pudding pops with the pudding pops. *wacky face*

NFL Draft at Draft Board Insider - Chicago Bears - News & Info - Here's another draft board for tracking the Bears.

Broncos gamble risk will be worth reward with Tebow -  Smudgers asked me last night "Do all Florida quarterbacks look like Rex Grossman and Tim Tebow?" I just said yes, because I didn't want to look up more Florida quarterbacks. That said, this guy is convinced that First Round Tebow will pay off for the Broncos, unless...

Broncos' McDaniels can kiss job goodbye with Tebow pick - happens this way, instead.

With Graham in nest, Birds get two more picks today - The Bears actually helped the Eagles make this decision, with their failed pursuit of Peppers and Kampman playing a large part in why they had to draft DE early.

And finally, just in case we do get him today, here's Major Wright straight flattening a dude: