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The Bears Den: April 26th, 2010 Edition


Where we would love to see a "Little Big League"-style movie about a 12 year old who gets control of the Chicago Bears.

Is Jay Cutler: Excited about upcoming Chicago Bears’ season? This article tells you that yes, he is indeed excited about the upcoming Chicago Bears season.

GRADING THE 2010 DRAFT | LeGere grades the draft. For all the teams.

 History says Wright likely will be Major contributor - I don't think I've made it a secret that I love clever wordplay. And even I am tired of Major Wright puns already.

 Bears find much to like in draft haul Sean J over at the Bright One lets us know what the Bears like about the picks they just got.

Frank Omiyale happy to move from guard to tackle - I would be happy too if I was given the opportunity to move back to a position that didn't constantly point out my inherent football weaknesses.

From the Book of Halas, Chapter 13, verse 11: "He who follows WCG on Twitter shall know the methods of stopping the ferocious cheesehead." Or something like that. I'm paraphrasing, but you get the general idea.

Here's a nice contrasting pair of articles.

According to ESPN Chicago's new Bears guy, The Chicago Bears drafted players who should be able to provide immediate help. Which is great news, because they really needed a few players who could impact immediately, but wait...

The Sun-Times says that the Slim draft haul means Bears relying heavily on free agents. So which is it? Probably a healthy mix of both. Gotta love the offseason!

Chicago Bears spend wisely on free agents, says the Trib. Which is good news, because Jerry Angelo says that the Chicago Bears won't rule out move for vet QB.

Look for more about this gentleman soon, but here's some of the reason the Bears made their 6th round pick: