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Monday Musings: Who will be the Bears Quarterbacks?

Wcg_thumb_poll_medium With their 6th round pick, the Bears drafted Dan LeFevour, a quarterback from Central Michigan. While this caught many by surprise, given that Jay Cutler is the starting quarterback, over the past 48 hours it's occurred to me that it's not a bad value pick, given that the kid has some skills, and we're not bringing him in to compete.

That raises questions on what the Bears QB depth chart is going to look like. Cutler is here to stay, but what does a signing like this, and the apparent interest in signing a Veteran backup do for Caleb Hanie? Is he automatically the odd man out if there's another signing?

The answer, I think, depends on who the backup is. If the Bears get to a third string quarterback this season, it's going to mean there are a lot bigger problems than just this, but it seems like the development of LeFevour might be the priority of the continued work for Caleb Hanie.

What do you think? What grouping would you like to see? Is there anyone, at this point, who's even tantalizing to you as a FA quarterback pick up? Lemme know!