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The Bears Den: April 27, 2010

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...where the only person faster than our ball boy is Usain Bolt.

The most recent edition of our favorite Team Report, courtesy of USA Today

Larry Mayer highlights the Bears draft grades from some of the nations top experts.

"High character" a good describer for a couple of Jerry Angelo's picks this year.

Let the masses start pointing it out now: Cutler is talking-up Aromashodu.

Breaking News: Windy City Gridiron is now on Twitter

A list of players invited to try out at Rookie Minicamp this weekend.

Former Bears QB Mike Tomczak stepped on his wife's foot.

Faneca's people still haven't heard from the Bears people.

Right after getting the phone call that he'd been drafted, Wootton makes another huge commitment,

Kevin Seifert says to keep a close eye on the Bears front office in the next week or so.

I guess Singletary scared Blount away.

How was Al Davis not impressed?