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2010 Game Changers: Devin Hester

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In 2006, the Chicago Bears used their 2nd round draft pick on a cornerback from Miami, a decision that was initially not too popular with the fanbase.  But, the emergence of a superstar would occur that year, as Devin Hester electrified the entire league with his kick and punt return prowess.

He ended his rookie year tallying five return TDs (3 punt returns and 2 kickoffs), leaving his fingerprint as one of the most dangerous playmakers in the NFL.

In 2007, Devin Hester picked up right where the 2006 season had left off, this time registering six total return TDs.  Head coaches around the league refused to kick to Hester, often times giving up either penalties or poor field position in lieu of letting him touch the football.

However, 2008 and 2009 saw a downswing in Hester's special teams productivity, and many different reasons could be argued as to why.  But one thing we do know for certain: every time Hester touches the football, he is a threat to make magic happen.  Entering a new season, expectations will be high.

In this running series sponsored by Sprint, we'll be highlighting the top Game Changers on the Chicago Bears roster... what better way to kick it off than the most explosive Chicago Bears player in the last couple of decades.  Devin Hester is your first 2010 Game Changer!