(Video) Here I Come, Chicago Bears!


BEAR DOWN! What's up, old friends!?!

I'm going to miss my Carolina Panthers Family SOOOOO much, but, at the same time, I'm hyped to be coming back to Chicago. I love this city and I love the Bears - always have, always will.

If you don't mind, when we're not hanging out at games, I'd like to hang out with you guys here on InnaNets. And I wanna kick off the conversation by posting this vid I made yesterday, before I got on the plane to come this way.

But, before you check it out, I just wanna give you a heads-up of where I can be found on the Web. I truly hope you'll come holler at me, because the future's gonna bring a lot of fun...




Oh, and P.S. -- We're tag teamin' it again, my mane, Kevin Payne (<<Get at him on Facebook)! We're still friends on the field, but at the bowling alley... I'M STILL YOU'RE BIGGEST BULLY! <HAHA!> I love ya, man!


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