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WCG Has a Job For You


Windy City Gridiron has an immediate opening for a Chicago-based correspondent. From time to time, WCG gets offered opportunities to Chicago Bear related events.  Sometimes it is just to sit in the audience and cover the story.  Other times it has been for interview opportunities.  In the past, we have unfortunately missed out on an interview with Tommie Harris.  A former co-blogger, went to a live radio taping and was seated at a table with Rashied Davis, previous to him gaining his nickname here. 


Flexible Schedule

This is the most important requirement.  Most of these opportunities will be during the day, so availability during normal work hours is preferred.  Or if you are able to adjust your current employment to fit these needs.  I understand that work and personal issues get in the way and you are not required to drop everything to attend all the events, but you do need to be able to attend a majority of them.  It may be a few a year or a few a month.  A priority will be set on each event, so you understand how important each is, when we inform you of the event.


We need a person who lives in the Chicago area.  It would be preferable if you were close to the city versus living 2 hours away and can drive down from time to time.  Some of these events are last minute and having you close is better. 


This person must be reliable.  If you say you can be there, you need to be there and be there on time.  We are trying to build Windy City Gridiron into a reputable site and continue to grow.  To do so, we cannot come across as amateur. 


These events will require you to interact with media, public relations, marketing representative and team officials.  You must behave in a professional manner.  This includes dress, behavior and speech.


Person must be good at both verbal and written communication.  Leading back to our status as a relevant site, we cannot have people possibly interviewing players and not be able to speak proper English or be so nervous they are stumbling on their own words.  After each event a post worthy write-up may be required.  We would prefer to not have to rewrite a post before it goes up.


You must have a cell phone.  I know that this sounds odd in this day and age, but plans change.  If Dane or I need to get in contact with you at a moment's notice either to inform you of an event or to let you know of last minute change to existing plans, we need to be able to reach you reliably.

If you are interested, please email me at  I don't need a resume, but if you could address which requirements you fit, that would be appreciated. 

If you have any questions about the job, please email me.

Use the subject of WCG Employment in any emails.

Thanks.  I hope to hear from you.