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The Bears Den: April 30th, 2010 Edition

Someday this roster will be all safeties and defensive linemen.

Moore saw himself as Bear at age of 10 - Many people say as a little kid "I'm going to play for the Bears." Most don't get to. Josh Moore isn't most people.

 Mama's boy, man's man - Well, now I'm definitely rooting forF. Barnes to make it, that's for sure.

Chris Williams on an island, on the spot at left tackle - Tom Thayer thinks Chris Williams is the best left tackle in the league, and he will argue with you about it if you want. Oh, and there's a good chance he'll win, because he's forgotten more things about football than most of us will ever know.

The Chicago Bears have contacted representatives for Michael Furrey - We saw this news yesterday, but my question is--why do we know so much about this deal? Why is so much of the background of the coaches calling him and saying "we're still trying to bring you in, buddy!" public knowledge? I don't like the way this deal smells.

It's where I keep all my things. Get a lot of compliments on this. Plus it's not a purse, it's a WCG Twitter. Indiana Jones wears one.

Here are five things to watch for at rookie camp.  Chief among them--rookies.

Major Wright: Where he fits in historical roster of Chicago Bears safeties - A quick and dirty breakdown of everything from past safeties that Major Wright isn't. And a few things he is.

Wootton gives Bears full house at defensive end - They weren't necessarily thinking of taking him, but damned if you can pass up a defensive end on an Angelo draft board. 

Mannelly heaves a wild pitch at Wrigley - To be fair, before he threw it, he at least took the time to count the number of people who were on the field with him.

Friday Film Funday: This gentleman in the following video is Josh Oh, a defensive back in high school in Oklahoma. Here's a link to his 09-10 stats. And here's a video of him absolutely destroying a receiver over the middle.