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The Bears Den-April 5th, 2010 Edition

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These Bears are massive! They looked a lot smaller from up there!

League looking at Lance Louis situation | They're going to discuss if any of their policies were violated. My magic 8-Ball says "Signs point to Yes"

Bears, Jaguars to meet with Collins | National Football Post - Defensive tackle? During a Jerry Angelo draft? Get outta here!

Cuidado! Not following WCG on Twitter is bad for children and other living things.

Schedule Release 2010 - Chicago I was crazy excited when I found this on It's the schedule. But not really. And it's in latin!

Orlando police reopen Holmes assault case at woman's request Money grab, or real problem for Holmes? Probably both.

Jay Feely agrees to two-year deal with Cardinals - So ends the Rackers-Redbirds era.

Redskins add Willie Parker to already crowded backfield - They're talent stacking--Look for big steps forward from them, baby steps back from the other three teams