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The Bears Den: April 6th, 2010 Edition


Bears are dangerous, Willie. They'll bite your head if you're wearing steak on it.

Bears bring in 3 players for pre-draft visits - Chicago Breaking Sports A Wide Receiver and Two Defensive Tackles. Since I'd like to think the Bears probably aren't bringing in all these tackles as a smokescreen, be prepared to draft defensive line in Rounds 3-7, with the possibility of converting a 6'5, 269 lb man to Free Safety.

Bears haven't hired Ruskell --- yet - Inside the Bears - This, I think, is sort of like saying "I haven't eaten that apple pie...yet." Everybody on the planet is fairly confident you're going to eat the pie, you might as well just eat the pie.

Shaw determined to build on his success - NFL's top special teams tackler last year. And he missed a week. Just go do that again.

Wait. Stop. Do you hear that? Sounds like...a bird's kind of a tweet tweet sound...I know! It's WCG on Twitter! Quick, go follow it!
Ex-Bear Brown to visit Saints on Tuesday - Chicago Breaking Sports - New Orleans would be a great fit. It appears our friends at Canal Street Chronicles want him, as they used your comments about how much you don't like the move as some reasoning (Go check 'em out)

Pompei: Bulger would be ideal Bears' backup QB - Chicago Breaking Sports - Knows the coordinator, knows the system, makes perfect sense, right?

Bulger a fit for the Bears? - Bears Blog - ESPN Chicago - But does Bulger still think he's starting material? Can he be somewhere? He won't get that chance with Jay C. here. Blogs " Blog Archive Hall of Famer Kelly impressed with Tebow - Jim Kelly, who has what sounds like one of the more awesome jobs in the NFL (Ambassador for the Bills, which is super-cool, except for the Bills part), likes Tebow, but he doesn't like him first-round. Maybe Second Round. Definitely not first. Unless he throws well in some kind of practice setting. 

And finally--Wilbur Marshall ruins Joe Ferguson's day. (Real time hit @ 1:20, better looking replays at 1:48, 2:13)