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The Bears Den: April 7, 2010

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...where we still think that shoring up our OL is most important.

Photo gallery of nine active Bears who have been to the Pro Bowl.  Any predictions on who will make it this year?

Tim Shaw was a beast last season, but still has a hunger for more.  Shaw might be my favorite player.

Izzy Idonije accepts Ed Block Courage Award.  What a difference he is making in kids' lives.

Make sure you check out USA Today's team report... always a great job!

Did you know WCG is on Twitter?  Keeping you in the loop since 2009...

Garrett Wolfe should be ready to rock and roll in about four weeks.

Stars seem to be aligning for trading up into the second round for a safety.

Kyle Orton appreciative of McDaniels' vote of confidence; with pic of what appreciative might look like.

John "Moon" Mullin discusses Dez Clark, former Martz QBs, and a former Bears DE who won't be out of work long.

The NBA "All-Ugly" Team.  I lol'd.