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Bears' Madness Champ is Sweetness


Walter Payton has taken the crown; no surprise to me actually.  He epitomized what it was to be a football player.  Tough, talented, yet humble and universally respected.  His passing was hard punch to the gut of all Bears' and football fans.  Walter Payton...the best there ever was. 

Thanks to everyone for voting and commenting on WCG's Bears' Madness.  Thanks to Adam, Dane and all the other WCG writers for allowing me to clutter up the site with all my posts.  Thanks David for help with the brackets.

Was it worthwhile?  I learned a lot about some old-time Bears from doing this.  I learned a lot about who reads this blog.  So any ideas for next years' tourney?

I'll leave you with WCG's rankings based on the tourney & ranking votes:

  1. Walter Payton
  2. George Halas
  3. Dick Butkus
  4. Mike Ditka
  5. Mike Singletary
  6. Gale Sayers
  7. Brian Urlacher
  8. Richard Dent
  9. Dan Hampton
  10. Bronko Nagurski
  11. Red Grange
  12. Olin Kreutz
  13. Sid Luckman
  14. Kevin Butler
  15. Gary Fencik
  16. Bill George
  17. Lance Briggs
  18. Jim McMahon
  19. William Perry
  20. Mike Brown
  21. Wilber Marshall
  22. Devin Hester
  23. Jay Cutler
  24. Brian Piccolo