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Interview With Chicago Bears RB Matt Forte


On Friday, Matt Forte met with football players from Whitney M. Young Magnet High School in Chicago at the G Series Mobile Locker Room, a state-of-the-art roving facility where young athletes learn about the latest in sports nutrition. These students also were among the first high school athletes to test the new G Series from Gatorade, which provides fuel for before, during and after activity and hits stores this month. 

Windy City Gridiron was privileged enough to have a few moments of Matt's time for a Q/A session... thanks a bunch Matt!

Windy City Gridiron: What’s something new offensive coordinator Mike Martz brings to the table that fans might not necessarily expect?

Matt Forte: He’s a genius, basically. He’s a football genius. He knows every aspect of the game. He knows the defense, knows what coverage they’re in, what blitzes they’re running, you know, just by looking at rotations of safeties and things like that. He knows a lot about the game. A lot of people might not know that. They might know, OK, he has a good offensive football system, but he knows every aspect of the game.

WCG: What’s Martz like as a coach?

MF: He expects a lot out of the players, and we expect a lot out of him as a coach. Every time we break after practice, he brings us together and he says "Score." He wants to score points, and as an offense that’s what we want to do.

WCG: Being a professional athlete, how tough is it to learn and install a brand new offense?

MF: It is hard, which is why you have to get on it early. We came in and we started to learn the stuff and get it down. Not a whole bunch at one time, but we started with the basic stuff to where the other stuff will come easier. It takes a lot to do that – a lot of time, and a lot of reps. You have to learn it in the classroom first, and then go out on the field and it takes a lot of reps

WCG: How significant were your injuries last season, and how do you feel heading into this season?

MF: Oh, I feel ten times better. I had a hamstring injury, and a knee injury. As a running back, that’s what you use – your legs. It was tough, but I knew I had to make it through the year and try my best. But this year I got a lot of reps in the offseason. I had surgery and rehabbed that, and went down to Florida and did a lot of training in Florida and here in Chicago. Before camp I’ll go back to Florida and train again, just to be ready for camp

WCG: Do you have any pre-game routines that you go through, or any superstitions?

MF: Not really superstitions, but rituals, yes. I always dress the same – the same style socks and things with my uniform. It just helps me feel comfortable, and not nervous when I go out on the field.

WCG: What has been the most intimidating defense you've gone up against since entering the league? 

MF: I’d say Pittsburgh’s. They run a 3-4 defense, and they kind of have a stand-up linebacker-slash-defensive end on the outside. As a running back it’s hard to block those guys. They have a really good defense, they’re always at the top every year. So that’s probably the toughest defense I’ve had to face.

WCG: Got a prediction? Is Brett Favre coming back to play in 2010?

MF: Yeah, I’d say he’s coming back. He’s going to play until he’s about 80, I think. [Laughs.]