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The Bears Den: May 10, 2010

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...Prediction time: Who will the starting OLinemen be in 2010?

New-age technology is being used by the team to help players maximize workouts and rehab.

Danieal Manning wants to stay in Chicago.  Well, that clears everything up. 

As mentioned before, Cutler has been consulting with Warner to get insight on Martz's offense.

An offensive guard the Bears may be looking at should he become available.

Get Twitterized... WCG-style!

Mike Florio: Teams would be wise to get rid of their drug lockers.  Good read.

The newest edition of USA Today's team report for the Bears.

Kevin Seifert says Gayle Sayers is no Fran Tarkenton.

Seifert also takes a look at the 2007 Draft Class.

Neil Hayes makes an argument for new field turf at Soldier Field.