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Say(ers) It Ain't So

Gale Sayers
Gale Sayers

"Cutler hasn't done the job. Urlacher, I don't know how good he's going to be coming back. He's 33 years old. They need a couple wide receivers, a couple defensive backs. They haven't done a good job. If Lovie doesn't do it this year, I think he's gone. He had a good team the Super Bowl year. Nothing came together for him the last couple years."

Tell us how you really feel, Gale.

According to former Chicago Bears Hall of Fame running back Gale Sayers, the Bears are looking to have a very long and unproductive 2010 season. Quarterback Jay Cutler has not lived up to the trade hype, Urlacher  is washed up, the receivers and defensive backs need to work each other extra hard in practice just to be average and Lovie is all but out the Halas Hall doors.

Hey, at least Sayers didn’t single out just one person.

Sayers comments may have been taken out of context or not as harsh as they look in print. He even makes some valid points. But why come at your former team so hard? Why bash the very players that have carried on, and will continue to carry on, the great tradition that is the Chicago Bears?

Sayers states that he tries to attend every game he can and ‘lives and dies with the team’. If this is true, he must know of the injury plagued defense that was the ’09 season; he must know of the issues Cutler and his young receivers had getting on the same page early on last season, only to get better as the season progressed. He must also know that we have over hauled the coaching staff to add veteran wisdom and experience that cannot be measured by wins and losses alone. And he must know that we went out and spent money on big name free agents to help us in all areas of our football team. I mean, any die hard fan would know that we are no longer accepting mediocrity and are trying to do what we feel is best to better our team.

Constructive criticism is great, helpful at times. Any Bears alum as the right to voice his opinions about the current state of the franchise. Any fan has that same right.

But Sayers seems to be coming across a little condescending, a little mean spirited. Every position (receiver & d-back), player (Cutler & Urlacher) or coach (Smith) he called out has a very big season before them. They all have something to prove that might forever change their football futures. The last thing they need is a disgruntled former employee chirping negatives in their ear holes.

He put down a Bears team that has been bashed by all and wants to prove that they do belong in the same category as their division rivals, the Green Bay Packers and Minnesota Vikings. Its one thing for an outsider to question the Bears moves this off season and cast doubt on the upcoming season, but when a former player who is now in the Hall of Fame does so, it becomes bulletin board material. For the egos of today’s prideful players it’s got to sting a little. Hopefully any future encounters between Sayers and the players on the current roster won’t be awkward, and will end with the current player saying, ‘I told you so.’

We must not forget that this is the same former player that picked the Bears to lose in the Divisional round of the 1984 playoffs. It’s also the same guy who picked the amazing ’85 Bears team to lose every playoff game, including the Super Bowl!

Sayers is no Nostradamus, so if his predictions keep going our way, I hope his mouth runs for more yards than his legs ever did.