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The Bears Den: May 13th Edition

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...Where we want them to remake the movie "Little Giants", but change it to Bears. And keep Rick Moranis.

Bears tight end to host music benefit - Country's not my thing, but I hope a lot of people turn up for this. Great cause, good times.

Bears youth camps set to start in June - If I could pass for 14, I would so totally be at these. I'd also dominate, because I'd be about a foot taller than most of the kids.

Bears discovered hidden gem in former Dolphin Aromashodu - This article is from the Orlando Sentinel, but then it turns out that BIggs wrote it. That guy is everywhere.

Get ready to pay: 18 NFL teams raising ticket prices for 2010 - The Bears are on the list. I'll be disappointed if I don't hear some comment about how they make a billion dollars and should have signed every quality free agent on the market.

Follow WCG on Twitter. You could have the chance to win a million dollars!*

*Not really.

Texans LB Cushing retains top defensive rookie honor in AP revote - He won the award twice. After testing positive for fertility drugs. Can he be stopped? (After his suspension, that is)

Bring the Super Bowl to new Jets, Giants stadium in 2014 - The NY Daily News lobbies for the Super Bowl. In New York. In Early February. That'd be cold.

Cowboys QB Tony Romo makes cameo on NBC's 'The Biggest Loser' - So today we're going to play a game. Since this headline basically writes itself, I want to see funny headlines playing on this topic below. Rec your favorites, and I'll put the one with the highest number of recs in tomorrow's Den. Sound fair?

Well, this guy definitely can't jump out of a pool: