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53-Man Roster Prediction

...guaranteed to go wrong.

It's really way too early to be predicting the Chicago Bears final 53-man roster, so I thought... why not, let's have a go at it.

There were a few decisions that I would have probably made different, if I were the one running the team. You know, with the massive amount of insider knowledge that I actually have on these players, their work ethics, etc. However, I tried to put on my Lovie Smith decision-making bald-cap, and predict the roster as he would see fit.

Follow me past the jump to see who made the cut and who didn't.


QB: J. Cutler, Vet-to-be-signed*, D. LeFevour (3)
RB: M. Forte, C. Taylor, G. Wolfe* (3)
WR: D. Hester, E. Bennett, J. Knox, D. Aromashodu, J. Iglesias, R. Davis*, Vet-to-be-signed* (7)
TE: G. Olsen, B. Manumaleuna, D. Clark, K. Davis (4)
T: C. Williams, F. Omiyale, K. Shaffer, J. Webb (4)
G: R. Garza, L. Louis*, J. Beekman (3)
C: O. Kreutz (1)
25 Total (25)


LB: B. Urlacher, L. Briggs, P. Tinoisamoa, N. Roach, H. Hillenmeyer, T. Shaw (6)
CB: Z. Bowman, C. Tillman, T. Jennings, C. Graham, D. Moore* (5)
S: C. Harris, M. Wright, A. Afalava, D. Manning, J. Bullocks (5)
DE: J. Peppers, M. Anderson*, H. Melton, C. Wootton, (4)
DT: T. Harris, A. Adams, J. Gilbert, M. Harrison, I. Idonije (5)
25 Total (50)

Special Teamers

ST: R. Gould, B. Maynard, P. Mannelly* (3)
3 Total (53)



Waived: C. Hanie, K. Bell, E. Peterman, C. Steltz, M. Toeina, E. Williams
PS: W. Ta'ufo'ou, F. Barnes, L. Horn, K. Malast, W. Turrene, Q. Scott, J. Asiata

1. I still think they'll sign a veteran signal-caller to back up Cutler. My guess would be the 33-year-old Bulger, whose already familiar with the new offense being installed in Chicago. This move will subsequently end Hanie's run with the Bears. Originally, I had figured that the Bears would try and stash LeFevour on the Practice Squad, but with his intangibles, I don't think he'll stick there. Then again, there's always the possibility of "red-shirting" him, but I don't see that happening either.

2. Garrett Wolfe versus Kahlil Bell... This was a tough one. I highly doubt we'll keep four RB's, and I think the man-crush this organization has on Wolfe will give him the edge here. I guess it'll be interesting, to say nicely, to see if Martz can find a use for Mighty Mouse, when now one else could. Tough luck Kahlil, we'll always remember, in vivid detail, that special 70-something yard run (give-or-take) that you had against whatever team it was on that day that happened sometime way back when.

3a. I still believe that they're going to sign a veteran wide receiver to the mix. The only way I don't see this happening is if Freddie Barnes tears it up in training camp and really impresses. And even then, I wouldn't be surprised to see eight receivers on the final 53 - how's that for a team that gets off the bus...

3b. Rashied Davis versus Eric Peterman, and the winner is... the Droppapotamus. While Davis is older, more expensive and has dropped a ball or two (knock it off, children), he's an extremely good special teams player who's said to have become one of the vocal leaders on this team. Plus, he's a Lovie guy, so...

4. Our Offensive Guard position is a complete mess. But, evidently Mike Tice has a plan to create brownies out of... well, you know... that stuff... that stuff that would never make a good brownie. However, if they do sign a veteran OG, or if they do decide to keep eight receivers, then I see the first cut coming from the TE position. Meaning, so long Kellen Davis, or possibly even Desmond Clark (insert sad-face emoticon here).

5. D.J. Moore was tough for me to call. He was highly-touted by the organization as a value pick last year, yet failed to see the field. That's not really something that would traditionally worry me out of a fourth-round rookie. However, when you factor in the durability issues we had in our secondary last season, and combine it with the chances we actually had to evaluate the talent on the roster. Well, it doesn't favor well for the five-foot-nine cornerback out of Vanderbilt. All that said, I still think he makes the roster, and Woodny Turrene (his hair... was perfect! Aaawwwwoooooo) falls to the Practice Squad, yet again.

6. Josh Bullocks versus Craig Steltz... which brand of urine-flavored popsicle would you prefer?

7. I see the defensive front line as one of their most stacked units heading into the season. The addition of Peppers is hard to ignore and was an instant upgrade. As much as I'll miss the versatility that Alex Brown offered, and as much as I liked the Prince, Pepper's contributions should also push the players around him. I can only hope that Mark Anderson works out the way that a lot of the members on this website believes that he will. Anthony Adams is a mammoth of a man and is one of the most underrated players on our front four. He may not be flashy, but he gets the job done. It's been rumored that the team is down on Melton and/or Gilbert, and time will reveal the truth. However, if this line stays in tact, I could see great things from this group in 2010.

8. I'm willing to give Mannelly another chance, but if he snaps the ball directly to Garrett Wolfe one more freakin' time...

Anyway that's my list, what are your predictions and/or thoughts?