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The Bears Den: Friday May 14th Edition


Where Jason Voorhees has to wait 'til August to rise again.

Are special teams stars made or born? - At, they basically talk about how awesome their own special teams are. If you've got it, flaunt it.

Bears will stick with grass at Soldier Field - In other newsflash-worthy news, water is wet.

Bears hoping for healthy dose of Bowman - See, it works on two levels. One, they want him to be physically healthy, and two, they want to use him a lot at cornerback. That's a well-written headline right there. You should fear and respect it.

Look, I'm not saying you should follow WCG on Twitter. I'm just saying if you don't, we're going to mail you naked pictures of  Bea Arthur.

Can Cutler cut it in 2010? | Football | Sports | Toronto Sun - The Toronto Sun seems gravely concerned about whether Cutler can handle the 2010 season, but doesn't really ever explain if they think he can or not. They play 12 on 12 on a 110 yard field, though, so I'm not really concerned with what they have to say.

Ex-Bear Azumah to host charity event - Jerry Azumah is having a poker tournament. Go check it out, if that's something you're good at. I'm not Lady Gaga, and I have a terrible poker face. So I would not do well.

Westbrook shows Broncos that he's healthy; Redskins see fit for RB - Captain Concussion is shopping himself around, and there's a few teams kicking the tires. His health issues are a concern, but he could make a great tandem to a team with a running back.

Titans use day off from minicamp to assist flood recovery efforts - I always like seeing things like this, when multi-millionaires, at the very least, pretend to care about people, but in this case, I think it's pretty f'ing genuine.

Brady cites lack of trust, confidence as reasons for early '09 exit - WAAAAAAAAAAH. Things got hard for us, and we didn't know what to do. WAAAAAAAAH. I'm Tom Brady, and when I'm not busy impregnating supermodels, I enjoy having everything handed to me on a silver platter. WAAAAAAAH

See, this is my point. The Canadians have no idea what they're doing.* They can't even spike the ball effectively.:


*I actually like Canadians. Thanks for the Molson.