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The Bears Den: May 18, 2010


...where we are wondering why there are so many tweets about Jack Bauer.

Rookies and veterans meet up for the first time on the practice field.

Bears front office is now in place; is it solid enough to lead the team to victory? 

Dan Pompei peeks into his mailbag and answers some readers' questions.

Jeff Dickerson has five stories to watch during Bears camp.

Did you know?? WCG is on Twitter!

Kevin Seifert takes a look at the Bears- Vikings game from 1994.

Seifert also tallies up the rookie signings from the NFC North.

John "Moon" Mullin talks about whether Cutler is a trash-talker.

Being served alcohol by waitresses on the sideline?  Where do we sign up? 

Two year old lands massive fish on her Barbie fishing pole.  Seriously.