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The Bears Den: May 19, 2010

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...where we really dislike the videos that auto-play on websites like espn.

Bears Care Gala raises a boat load of cash for cancer research and treatment.

Minicamp kicks off Friday, and all eyes will be on Cutler and Martz.

Good video of interview with Head Coach Lovie Smith.  (Helmet tip to PSDB)

More details on rookie Webb's four year contract.

Take a journey to Soldier Field, one of the finest places on Earth.

Are you following WCG on Twitter?  All of the cool people are.

QB coach Shane Day talks about rookie camp and Juice Williams.  Good read.

For those of you who missed it, here's the Podcast of the interview with Jay Cutler.

Q/A with Jeff Dickerson... does he really discuss a Haynesworth addition?

Culpepper to become Sacramento's starting QB.  Wait, what?

NFC issues for 2010: Cutler and the Bears making headlines.

Jeff Dickerson breaks down all of the changes to the team since last year for the Bears.

Photo from Camden Yards on Monday, during Orioles/ Royals game.  Ouch.